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At All About Slovenia, we invite you to embrace the Slovenian way of life. Whether it's the exclusive once a year delights, unveiling Slovenia's timeless traditions, or our frequent tours designed for quality experience and lasting memories. Each adventure reveals a vibrant canvas of cultural exploration and sheer delight.

Weekly Tours
(pickups from Ljubljana, Čatež and Mokrice castle)

Welcome to join our signature tours, meticulously designed for quality experiences, sustainability, and your utmost satisfaction. At All About Slovenia, we believe in crafting journeys that go beyond expectations, ensuring each adventure is a tapestry of unforgettable moments. Join us on a path to unparalleled fulfillment – where each tour is more than a trip; it's a promise of timeless memories.


Private tours
(Pickups from Ljubljana, Čatež, Mokrice, Sevnica, Brežice, Krško, Novo mesto, Otočec, Dolenjske toplice...)

Elevate your travel experience by choosing from our array of meticulously designed tours, each available for private groups. Whether it's an intimate escape or a celebration with loved ones, our private tours offer the flexibility to immerse yourself in the beauty of Slovenia at your pace. Explore the charm of Slovenia with those who matter most, and let All About Slovenia transform your private tour into an unforgettable and intimate experience.


Once in a year tours

Immerse yourself in Slovenia's traditions with our exclusive Once a Year Tours. From grape picking season to Saint Martin's Day celebrations when must turns into wine and the unique "ličkanje", corn-schucking for which friends and family gather to spend time together. These brief but unforgettable experiences capture the essence of each season. Join us for these limited-time delights, celebrating Slovenian culture and the beauty of life's changing rhythms. Explore the extraordinary with our Once-a-Year Journeys – your key to seasonal wonders.

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